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Why Cat Friendly Practices Are the Cat’s Meow

Did you know you did not have to go to a cat exclusive practice to get a low stress, happy cat visit?  The American Association of Feline Practitioners in conjunction with partners such as Ceva created a certification program.  This certification program outlines specific requirements to develop a cat friendly attitude.

Here are some things you will find in a Cat Friendly Practice

  1. A cat exclusive exam room – Our cat exclusive room has cat perches as well as an aquarium
  2. Pheromones – Feliway is used throughout the hospital – in the waiting room, exam room, treatment area, and in cat boarding. Our staff also spray ourselves down with feliway three times a day
  3. High value treats – we have found very few cats turn their noses up to the squeezy liver treats we use
  4. Less is more – very little restraint is used while evaluating our feline patients
  5. Cat exclusive hours
  6. Soft fuzzy blankets and soft voices
  7. Exams where ever your kitty feels comfortable – yes even in the sink
  8. Pastel colors – some cats really do have “white coat” syndrome, so we may change into a lavender or blue lab coat
  9. Chill pills – sometimes some anxiety medication can make a world of difference
  10. A Feline Loving Team – not only does the staff do feline exclusive continuing education but we have a Cat Advocate that makes sure we meet all your cat’s needs







Dr. Monica doing an exam on Spooky Von Creeper