Monthly Archives: October 2016

Vet Techs Rock

Every year we take a week to appreciate our veterinary technicians and this year we are celebrating from 10/16 to 10/22!  Veterinary technicians are the heart of the hospital and here are just a few reasons why they rock!


  • They educate clients every day. It’s not just pets they love but their fur parents also and spend lots of time in the exam room and on the phone discussing a patient’s cares and needs.
  • They are amazing phlebotomists! How many times have you gone in for blood testing and a technician hasn’t been able to find the vein?  Imagine hitting a vein in a 1 pound fur covered kitten…..that takes a lot of skill.
  • They are anesthetists and recovery nurses. Remember that video of the veterinarian singing to the recovering puppy?  That’s a daily occurrence in the life of a vet tech.  They sit and monitor vital signs during recovery and comfort pets as they come out of anesthesia.
  • Technicians are dental hygienists.
  • Oh yeah and they are radiology technicians also.
  • Did I mention they are ICU nurses as well?
  • Let’s not forget pharmacy tech. Technicians will spend as much time necessary discussing how medications should be administered and why they are being prescribed.


Veterinarians have known this forever – veterinary technicians are awesome!  Please take a moment next week to say thank you to your vet tech for all that they do for your fur baby.