You heal with light?

When I was first told that a laser uses light to do all sorts of healing I thought to myself “yeah right”.   It sounded like a neat tool to integrate in our practice where we use a lot of complementary medicine but it wasn’t high on my purchase list – heating pads, oxygen cage, digital X-ray seemed like better medicine and a better investment.

But then I started talking to my colleagues and started going to seminars…I was still skeptical. It just seemed like such a little machine couldn’t possibly due the amount of healing that they were suggesting. My partner and I discussed it and thought with the versatility of using a therapeutic laser with acupuncture and the financing opportunities available it was a no brainer to go ahead with the purchase.

We started using our laser at the end of December, approximately 4 months ago, and I have been utterly amazed with the results. I am at the point where I don’t know what I would do without it. Pictures are much more dramatic so here’s Blackie’s story.

This is Blackie and he got hit by a car. Not only does he have this visible soft tissue trauma. But he also has a broken 5th toe on his right front leg, a broken metacarpus on his left front leg and a broken ulna on his left front leg. His previous owners were unable to give him his antibiotics or pain medication and he came to us with a severe infection.

We soaked his pus filled bandages off his legs and started treatment. He received antibiotics and oral anti-inflammatories and was started on daily foot soaks, honey dressings and Laser therapy. After one week his right leg is almost totally healed and he is now putting weight on his left front as well.

Before laser therapy

Before laser therapy

blackie 3-24

1 week post laser


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