Is there really a vaccine controversy?

Vaccines. Vaccines. Vaccines. Many clients have a hard time wrapping their head around my medicine approach. I have many clients who think an antibiotic shot will fix anything (even if it isn’t an infection) and have many clients who think garlic prevents fleas (it doesn’t by the way and is actually toxic). So when I try to explain to a client who likes a more holistic approach that I “believe” in and recommend vaccines, I am sometimes met with shock, maybe even dislike.

Here’s the thing, I believe in integrative medicine. That means when I myself start feeling sick I’ll grab the Echinacea or ginger tea coupled with Emergen C and lots and lots of fluids. But if it goes from something simple and viral to I feel like I want to die. I am heading straight to my doctor to see if antibiotics or any other kind of medication is warranted.

I myself am vaccinated against Rabies and Tetanus and when I went to veterinary school in the Caribbean and my doctor recommended Hepatitis vaccines I got them without hesitation. If I wasn’t too old for Gardasil I would have gotten that as well. Vaccines are preventative medicine – there’s no “believing” in them, they aren’t Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. We have come so far in eradicating certain illnesses that it is so upsetting to see them coming back because of complete misinformation.

I recommend all vaccines to my clients based on their life style and let my clients make an educated decision, but I do push my clients to at least do the bare minimum core vaccines of Rabies and Distemper.

I recently saw a Jimmy Kimmel video with medical doctors regarding vaccines and thought it was hilarious and spot on. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend googling it.

Dr. Monica Dijanic
Medical Director

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