10 Signs that Your Pet is In Pain

Pets rely on us for many things including health care, but unfortunately, we don’t speak the same language and that can make some things tricky.  Our furry companions also want to please us so it is not surprising for us to see pets with broken legs fetching a ball or playing Frisbee.

Here are 10  signs that your pet may be in pain:

  1. An Abnormal Gait – limping or favoring a leg is a good indication that something may be painful
  2. Behavioral Changes – if your normally laid back cat is hissing or growling when you pet a certain area, there is a good chance that area is painful
  3. Appetite changes – when a pet is in pain it is not uncommon for them to not want to eat
  4. Lethargy
  5. Unwillingness to jump, use the litterbox, or stairs – cats that suffer from arthritis sometimes have a hard time doing these things because of pain
  6. Shaking or trembling
  7. Increased respiratory rate or panting
  8. Hiding
  9. Vocalizing
  10. Posture – hunching over or other abnormal positions can be a sign of guarding a painful area

Not every pet is the same, but knowing some of these more common signs can help you get your pet the help and pain relief they need.

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